Isavasyopanisad Kenopanisad Aitareyopanisad Taittiriyopanisad 4 books in one volume hardbound including the original verses, construed text (anvaya) with a literal word by word translation, English rendering each stanza, copious notes, introduction and appendix Upanisad Series

Sarvananda, Swami


Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math
Place Published: Madras
Date Published: 1974
Size: 12mo

4 volumes from the Upanisad Series by Swami Sarvananda, bound in one volume (retaining the original card wrappers); Isavasyopanisad, Kenopanisad, Aitareyopanisad, and Taittiriyopanisad; all volumes with introductions (in English) and text of the Upanisads in Sanskrit with English translation and notes; bound in black buckram with titling to spine; generally Good throughout, with occasional spotting or mild stains, some pages a little slant-bound.

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