Ladadou Timor-Leste 1960’s Pair of Timorese Lakadou (bamboo musical instruments) from the collection of Malcolm Wilson


Date Published: c1960's
Size: 37 x 7cm diameter x 24cm circumference (approx)

Pair of Lakadou, being a traditional Timorese musical instrument – acquired in the 1960’s in (then) Portuguese Timor; the Lakadou is a bamboo instrument combining elements of string and percussion – the ‘strings’ or cords being carved from the side of the bamboo cylinder and thereafter tensioned with chocks of differing thickness to produce a variety of tones; the Lakadou is played by being both strummed by hand (with bamboo chips) and/or struck with thin sticks; bamboo open at one end and pierced with a small hole at the other, and with a large oval opening at the side; Very Good condition; from the collection of (retired) ethnologist Malcolm Wilson, who travelled widely through Africa and South East Asia in the 1950’s-1970’s; a video of Lakadou being played can be seen here (highly recommended):

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