Photo #2 (Pink Photo) Berlin December 2016 Artists Book of torn-out art magazine pages in plastic document box

Redford, Scott


Publisher: Scott Redford
Place Published: Brisbane
Date Published: 2016

Scott Redford Artists Book comprised of numerous pages excised from the ‘Art Galleries’ section of a German art magazine across which Redford has written the word ‘Photo’ in pink texta, all contained in a shallow plastic document box, titled ‘Berlin Dec 2016 SR in black texta to top of box; unlike ‘Blue Photo’ the pictures here follow a consistent aesthetic, being made up of conceptual and abstract art images; on occasion the text ‘Photo’ is extended to include the name of the artist in question, e.g. ‘Photo Keith’, with the words sometimes written in reverse, presumably to view the image over one’s shoulder in a mirror, or to reference mirror writing (?)

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