Russian Icon 1879 with Riza over image of The Christ (silver 84 Zublotniks marked with the Romanov Family crest)

Russian Icon


Date Published: 1879
Size: 17.5 x 20cm

Russian Icon, 1879 most likely St. Petersburg, showing a rendition of The Christ behind a riza (silver covering) with repousse work and pierced (in the traditional fashion) to show elements of the painting beneath; the painting is not of the highest quality here, the silver being more impressive, with a rather spectacular halo extending beyond the upper edge of the panel; silver stamped 1879 lower lh corner, and with the numerals 84, ie 84 zublotniks (the highest grade Russian silver); further silver marks show a double-sided eagle (being the Romanov Family crest), and a Byzantine emblem of a bird looking east and west; silver with ornate borders, folded and nailed over the edge of the canvas-covered wooden panel; dimensions 17.5 x 20cm (but with halo extending 2cm beyond edge); painting and silver generally a little rubbed, but generally Good.

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